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Thriller Games: Escape the Zombie Trap


Imagine a situation, where you are locked inside a room that is surrounded by the frightening zombies. The blood smeared walls, the sound of rattling chains, staring eyes and other scary signs would make your heart beating and feel like running for life. You might have seen such scenes in various movies. However, the zombies are not real, and you would never get into such situations in your life.
If you wish to be in a zombie trap situation just like that happens in the movies, then you can think of playing escape the Zombie trap games. These games come under the category of escape games, where the player has to win by escaping from an arena through solving puzzles. Escape the zombie trap can make you feel that zombies and related situations are very true. These games are offered in a big home or a make-shift home that resembles the zombie haunted homes with scary light effects and sound effects.
Though you are aware that you are in a faux zombie home or game arena, you would still get scared as you are locked-up and trying to get out of the room. Each game has duration of around 60 minutes and you will be told about the rules of the game in the beginning. The zombie trap game can be a real challenge to your presence of mind. You need to pull, push, lift and open things inside the house to find out clues and ways for escaping. Once you have found the first clue, you will be moving to the next course, and you have to repeat this until you finally exit out from the house completely.
Zombie or zombies are locked or chained inside a room, and you have to advance the level up before they release themselves and touch you. You will be out of the game once the zombie has touched you. However, you can communicate with your team members but cannot be involved in searching clues.Thriller Escape Games
There are both advantages and disadvantages in playing the room escape games. The pros are that you have to play as a team. This will allow you enjoy the game with your friends and relatives. Playing as a group can also be a disadvantage as you need to communicate with the other people and you have to work together to win the game. Failing to communicate the things properly can be a great waste of time. For instance, a member of your team can try to solve the puzzle or search for clues, which has been already found by another member.
When playing as a group, it is always better to team up with your friends or with people, whom you know very well. This is because you will know how the team members will think and how to communicate them with them better.
Nowadays, many amusement parks and entertainment centers house real escape games zone to cater the interest of various thrill loving people. If you are one, who is lazy to visit the escape game zone in your area, then you can enjoy the game at the comfort of your home through online. Nowadays, you can find nearly hundreds of website offering escape games in different themes and settings. There are many reasons, why escape games are becoming more popular on the Internet. First, these games are offered for free and can be played on your internet-connected computer without downloading big files or software.
It is very important to choose good websites and games to get the best possible fun and enjoyment. You can find the list of best escape games online on various fan websites and blog. These websites/blogs help you find the worthy online games and recently launched games. Escape games can offer long pastime. This means you can kill more time efficiently without getting bored.


  1. Gone are those days we use to play Mario, Contra, Adventure Island in 8 bit video games. Now its a era of high definition games with much more advanced version which touches the reality to great extend. I havnt played a Zombie Trap game yet, after reading this post, I will surely try once and revert back here.

  2. Zombie trap escape games are my favorite picks, I usually play and suggest my friends also to try once. Although its a pure virtual game and nothing to do with real life, but then too it gives a real excitement to escape from those bloody zombies. Young children should not play such games, as it may come to their dreams and they may get frightened during night time.

  3. Do you people really think that these online games are interesting..?? It means you haven’t played outdoor games. Its my due request to all, that please motivate your children to play outdoor games rather than these online games. These games will ruin your child’s heath and they will soon become obese..!!Hope you guys will understand..

  4. I have played many online games, but these escape games I heard for the first time. The name ZOMBIE is also new for me, it seems that Zombie is a name of character or something like that. Guys please suggest me any source from where I can get some escape games, especially Zombie trap escape games..thanks guys..!!

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