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Top Horror Escape Games To Play


Escape games are one of the best categories in online gaming. Almost every video gamer loves it. Filled up with lots of interesting puzzles and entertainment, escape games are a perfect package of entertainment. Horror Escape Games have become equally popular like other varieties of escape games. For instance, the dark hotel Escape is a point and click game where you have to solve a mystery in the dark hotel. You will find thrilling, mysterious objects, and places. It is a fabulous experience to play it.Horror Games
Haunted mansion escape is another game in the same category that is developed by Games 2 rule. Here, you will be investigating a case in a haunted mansion. Somehow, you are trapped in the haunted mansion. This is the trick from which you have to save yourself. Through useful hints, you can escape from the trouble. Use those clues to solve the puzzles involved in the game. Scary Cemetery escape was developed by first escape games. In this game, you will find yourself in the middle of a cemetery and you do not know how to get out from there. It is quite scary, and the surroundings are given a very nasty look. For escaping from the terrible atmosphere of the cemetery you need to solve a few puzzles.
You need to collect different objects from the cemetery to address a mystery. Mirchi mystery forest is also a point and click escape game developed by Mirchi games. You are trapped in a forest from which you need to get away. There are hidden faces in the forest that will help you escape. Adventure Escape Games Zone allows you to play all of these wonderful and thrilling games. You can enjoy anytime and anywhere you want. Video games are for people of every age.

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  1. Escape Games are the trending one these days, it also has many varieties which can be selected upto your taste. Horror escape games are my favorite, especially the Zombie trap game which gives a real situation of being trapped with horror zombies. Escape game requires a great level of presence of mind.

  2. I dont know why people are this much fond these escape games and other online games. Let me ask you one thing, do you really get original feel of game while playing such virtual shits. Try to go out of your room buddies, have a real game in ground and then you will find what is the real feel of game. Try to avoid such online games to be healthy and to lead a REAL LIFE..!! Grow up Folks

  3. @ MR.Naveen.. I think you haven’t played escape games it seems, because if you would have played at least once then such comment is impossible from your side. Escape games, that too horror escape games are damn exiting and is full of thrill and adventure. Apart from this, if you are concerned about health issues then we can plan our body exercises accordingly.

  4. The main attraction in horror games should be its theme and music, which gives a real effect to the game. Horror games should have the age limit criteria so that it may not frighten the children of small age. The music should also be kept in a acceptable dB level to protect our ears from excessive sounds. Good-luck Folks..!!

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