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Welcome to My name is Jeff Cazaly. My family is settled in Boston, Massachusetts. I am married to Mary and have one son. I have adopted one son and one daughter from Josiah and Bejamin. I studied at the University of California and University of Michigan. I enjoy playing games with my kids.

We usually invite our kid’s friends every day for dinner. When I spend time with my kids, I feel like getting back to youthful school years. I am a passionate golf player. I started to play golf when I was fifteen years old. My father is my inspiration for golf. I am teaching my kids to play golf. Whenever I get free time, I spend playing golf or enjoy online game.

Some games remain difficult to me, but my kids complete the game in a fraction of seconds. They have a great memory power and creativity skills to play games. I feel that as we grow old, we lost the patience and dedication necessary to play the game. We play games together. We form in groups and compete each other. It is entirely fun to enter into a game session. I have played various games, and I decided to review in my website. At present, I have divided my website into two categories like Online Flash Game tips and Why to Game.

I am planning to include more categories in my website. Hope you enjoy my site. If you have any suggestions or comments, please mail me at this mail address – [email protected]. Thank you for visiting my profile page.