The staff in a local Chennai spa, at the best spa in Chennai that I was talking to had discussed the slump the Spa industry is facing, whilst I was undergoing my favourite pedicure and manicure. Obviously, when things are not rosy, people tend to cut down on lavish splurges. Now the women folk need a reason to convince themselves or family about the extra splurge on the Spa. Also, you would back off quoting other emergency expenses but after reading this it will be an eye-opener to you. A real big one. Now, this is something that’s going to surprise you, your spouse and friends alike on what I discovered. It will convince you way beyond only the superficial benefit you would expect, as you realize that caring goes above appearance and it gives success and health! When you opt for a massage in a spa, the health benefits you experience are given below:

Hormones levels get back to normal
Cortisol, the hormone behind the high levels of stress you face, is significantly reduced by massages which also indirectly stabilize the heart rate and BP.

Immunity enhancer
pillowThe cells that are natural killer are activated which fight the foreign and unhealthy substances in your body concurrently reducing the high-stress levels. A massage boosts the immune system of people who have chronic illnesses like breast cancer whose immunity is cripple.

An amazing route to pain relief
The massages have a wide scope of pain relief in headaches, muscle pain or a migraine. They decrease the uneasiness to a great extent. I was rushing things in too little time and had headaches for three consecutive nights. The best thing that I ever did was treat myself to a 1-hour head massage and the 2 hours I spent in the whirlpool of the spa, relaxing. It did wonders. My headaches vanished!

Alleviate Mood swings
The whole ambiance is so welcoming that it boosted my serotonin and dopamine levels. These are the feel-good hormone of the brain. The spa experience was relaxing, wonderful and healing (from entry to the exit and beyond).

Escape retreat when you are PMSing!
The edema and hormonal imbalance associated with PMS in women (as per research) are brought down drastically by visiting spas and getting massage treatment done. Now you are loaded with enough testimony of how to convince your better half of the splurge on a spa massage. Think about it when you get a manicure done a small hand and arm massage comes with it, in a pedicure, you have a few minute foot massages. You always have the feeling that you could go for it for some more time. The best option would be to have whole body massage packages in the spa. Always select a destination spa in Chennai which a few, considering their expertise in the massage treatments. Not all spas have a good facility. So finally all the best to a great spa experience as health is wealth! Get started in this wonderful new regime today!

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