Golf Club

Dunlop golf clubs are manufactured bu Dunlop; among the world’s largest sports equipment manufacturers since 1907, and international leaders in the manufacture of golf equipment. Dunlop is a popular choice, even among professional golfers, such as John Day; who has a golf club in their range named after him. SomeContinue Reading

Golf Instructions

A boy once learned to double his driving yardage from a single tip, and later wrote a book about it and dedicated it to his instructor. A career in golf instruction can be extremely rewarding, and lead to unexpected great occurrences. The key to getting involved in golf instruction isContinue Reading


When one looks at the history and public awareness of golf, it is easy to see how this supposedly most relaxing of games has received attention from wits through the ages. The trend for humorous golf quotations was arguably lead by writer and traveller Mark Twain, who when asked toContinue Reading

Golf Tips

One important factor in improving your golf game is for you to actually spend a lot of time practicing. Whenever you practice your golf, it is best that you play with an assortment of clubs, greens, as well as shots in order to play the game better. Here are severalContinue Reading