Golf Tricks

Tips to lower your golf score

A golfers skill is measured by how few strokes it takes them to complete a course. The fewer the better. Regardless of what type of competition or game you’re playing, the person who is able to finish a hole with the fewest amount of strokes is going to win.
In this article, I will offer you five golf tips on how to lower your golf score, regardless of what skill level you are currently at.
1. Learn about the physics of golfing. Much of your control in golf will be determined by properly utilizing physics. Familiarize yourself with how they golf ball flies in the air, and what can affect its trajectory path, as well as its distance. This will help you be able to control your shots better, and estimate the distance you will be able to achieve depending upon the weight of your ball and clubs.
2. Strengthen your body. Even though golf is largely a mental game, it pays to be physically strong. If you are strong, it is easier for you to hit the ball further, all other things being equal. In addition, if you’re playing a tournament, it is necessary to have the proper endurance to stay mentally sharp. You get that endurance by being physically fit.
3. Learn your ideal swing. While the perfect swing isn’t the same for everyone, everyone has their own perfect swing. Experiment with yours until you find your sweet spot, and then dissect what makes it work and try to improve upon it.
4. Develop a golf regimen. Golf is a game of consistency. By consistently conditioning yourself to perform at a higher level, it will be easier than training sporadically. Even if it is something simple, do at least one thing every day to improve your game.
5. Develop a golfer’s mindset. So much of the competition in golf comes down to mental toughness. But keeping your mind focused, you will not break concentration at critical moments in your game. This will give you an edge when competing against others.

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