Golf Instructions

Golf Instructions

A boy once learned to double his driving yardage from a single tip, and later wrote a book about it and dedicated it to his instructor. A career in golf instruction can be extremely rewarding, and lead to unexpected great occurrences. The key to getting involved in golf instruction is simply finding it in your heart to make time to do it.

Common misconceptions about golf instructors are that they were PGA professional players, or local golf pro’s for a country club. This is not the case most of the time, and often those involved in golf instruction simply have experience in the game of golf. They have received some education that allows them to instruct others. While being a former pro might add to your credibility, it won’t make or break a golf instruction career.

Often people will wonder what the best way to get involved with golf instruction is if they aren’t to become a professional golfer. The answer to this commonly asked question is through education. There are academies that will train students to become golf instruction experts, and help them earn relevant certifications to prove it. This is the easiest way to get certified, and help your business career in golf instruction take off.

While chances are the most suitable job will be at a country club, there are other places one can be involved in golf instruction. For one thing, the driving range is a great place to get many clients and keep a robust business. On a driving range people are often working on their swing, which of course is one of the most fundamental elements of golf instruction. It makes perfect sense that a large amount of business would come from the driving range.

Another great way to make money on golf instruction is through freelancing. The usual routes taken to obtain a qualified golf instructor can intimate many people. They will normally look in the local classified ads. As golf gains in popularity, the opportunity for freelancers is great. Also, freelancing in golf instruction allows one to obtain valuable experience that they can use towards building a career in golf. There aren’t many freelance careers with more demand than that of golf instruction. Everyone seems to want to improve their swing, and you can be the one that teaches them how to do it.

Finally there is the traditional route that most golf instruction experts follow. This route is to gain expertise, and to work for a country club. This is something that works well for those looking for a steady paycheck, and a lot of upward mobility. Working in golf instruction at a country club can lead to bigger and better things in the future for your golf career. Such as gaining a healthy freelance business on the side and possibly getting involved with course management or pro shop sales.

Before any of these jobs are possible, it is often necessary to gain golf instruction experience. Some will take jobs apprenticing for established golf instructors, while others will go to school to pursue this career. While both roads lead to the same destination, often school is a better choice because of the benefits that it offers outside of golf instruction. At most golf schools today one can achieve a degree that allows them to both work in golf instruction, as well as in other facets of the golf business, such as turf management, course management, and other exciting areas of the business. A career in golf instruction is literally just a few steps away, for those that choose to get an education.
Andy West is a freelance writer and communications specialist for SDGA.

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